Control Systems

Industrial Ethernet


In the backbone of any automated system is the control system. ECA provide a wide range of PC and PLC based solution depending on your automation requirements. The control systems provide crucial information about the machines overall performance and productivity.

Our software is able to provide data acquisition system, recipe management and inspection and test results for our customers. This is how we add value to our customers production systems.

Automotive Parts Joining Process

Various joining process are being used to join automotive parts.

Among them are as below:

  1. Riveted Join
  2. Threaded Fastener
  3. Brazed Joint
  4. Welded Joint

We have the capabilities to perform the above joining process according to the customers requirement for production.


Modular Process Station

3 axis pointer insert machine

3 axis pointer insert machine

Modular Process that are needed during the complete manufacturing process are as below

  • Servo Press
  • Auto / Semi Auto Screwing
  • Glue or Greasing Dispensing

All this modular process are integrated to the machine via Fieldbus Systems depending on the customers requirement

Stepper Motor Insert Machine

Stepper Motor Insert Machine

LCD Flex Cable Insert Machine

LCD Flex Cable Insert Machine

Material Handling

  • From simple conveyors and part transfer to robotic handling, ECA have the capabilities to offer a cost effective automation solution.

  • From combining various automation platforms such as inline or rotary concepts, ECA is able to come out with the best & cost effective automation solution for you.

  • We simply customized the solution to your production needs.

Vision Inspection & Final Testing Capabilities


Machine Vision

  • Advanced Vision Solution to improve efficiency and ensure product quality in your manufacturing solutions

  • Various Vision capabilities include Defect Detection, Components Measurement, Parts Orientation and Presence, 2D barcode traceability and Print Quality Verification

Final Test

  • Leak Test, Force Test, High Temperature Test are various final test inspection that we have done before.
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